Perchance to Dream

My very own dream journal

November 4, 2011 12:08 pm

8/10/10 Dream Entry

          In the first part of the dream I met up with my friend and it was night time. We got on a bus and went up to Hartford to visit a museum but when we got there it was even later and there was a strange group that was meeting in the lobby. They split up and the museum closed so we didn’t get to go. Then we took the bus back.

          In the second part of the dream, all of the backyards on my block were connected into one big yard even though each individual yard was somehow designated. The next door neighbors began telling me someone stole something from their yard and I had to catch them. They were really fast and kept evading me but I eventually got him and there was a cartoon-ish purple octopus attached to this guy’s bald head and that was what made him steal and what made him so fast.

          In the third part of the dream I was trying games out on my Wii and computer. One game was a sonic snowboarding game which featured other characters like Ronald McDonald and Chef Boyardee. The screen showed Chef Boyardee with customizable settings and Ronald came up from behind and smacked him. (I guess he had a grudge against him in the game.) The other game was another sonic game for the computer but instead of a CD it worked off a soft plastic kids toy of Shadow the Hedgehog which I was told to put into the disk drive just like a CD. Somehow it worked and I remember the game being really fun.

October 27, 2011 4:06 pm

8/6/10 Dream Entry

          I’m trapped inside some control tower owned by my childhood barber. Talking voices over a loud speaker tell me to get out but all the doors are locked. When I go see my barber he’s talking and shuts the door. My hair is short, really short. My dad meanwhile is in the seating area at the barber shop and is mad that the barber hasn’t returned.

          I’m in my room, in bed, turned to my side and am on my laptop skyping with my girlfriend. I tell her to hold on a sec and that it’s not the best time. I open my door and go out to the hall and call for my mom. She doesn’t answer or come. It’s dark. I begin to cry and moan a mantra of “I’m a coward.” I start knocking things off the shelves outside the bathroom while doing this. I turn towards the guest bedroom and see my mom but she is in the dark with hardly any light. I can still see from my bedroom door that skype is still on. My mom doesn’t see me and closes the door. I wake up in bed but I’m still dreaming so I do a reality check by closing one eye and looking at my nose. It’s not there so I wake up.

3:59 pm

7/29/10 Dream Entry

          In one part of the dream I was like Odysseus but I defeated the cyclops by sharing funny jokes with it. In another part of the dream I went to a party hosted by my sister so I had to introduce myself to all her friends that were there. Her fiance wasn’t talking to his parents and just the mention of them made him really angry.

3:49 pm


Anonymous: Cool story, bro

Which one?

October 19, 2011 5:39 pm

7/26/10 Dream Entry

          I was in Boston with a big group of people and we were in a section of the city that had a lot of skyscrapers. Then there was a giant earthquake and buildings began to fall. I started running to a spot where there were less buildings and I watched a huge building as it fell to the ground.

          The quake stopped but everyone was afraid of an aftershock. I was wearing a black suit and so was my dad, who was with me. We both jumped in the Charles and decided to swim to the other side because there were only one-story buildings there. Right after I jumped in the water but got out realizing that my phone and iPod were still in my pockets, so I got out, took my jacket off and put them in the pockets of the jacket. Then I swam across the river holding the jacket above water.

          Once on the other side of the river both my cellphone and iPod still worked and my dad and I started calling back to New Haven to see if the earthquake hit there. We walked into a building which had a bar in front to find two of our group members, who happened to be two high school classmates, sitting. My dad said the bartender let them sit there so they could feel better about themselves

October 9, 2011 10:22 am


Anonymous: really?

Really what?

October 6, 2011 5:28 pm

7/21/10 Dream Entry

          In the first part of the dream my girlfriend and her mom were taking a vacation and invited me but they were going to outer space via rocket ship and I was too scared so I told them there were too many risks.

          In another part of the dream there was a four-player split-screen video game that I was part of and controlled different sea animals and had to attack other animals but lost every time. There was a blue whale, a jellyfish and two other sea animals that I could use and I went through several levels.

          In the last part of the dream, I was at some weird place in Milford or something. There were places to walk around but for the most part it was covered above. There was one big gathering area where I sat down and there was a band playing bluegrass music. Then I saw an old friend and I waved to her and then saw her boyfriend who I tried to ignore but ended up saying hi anyway. (Her boyfriend, and now husband, in real life was her and my teacher at our kung fu school.) There was also a guy who looked exactly like her boyfriend but was his identical twin.

April 5, 2011 3:16 pm

7/11/10 Dream Entry

        I was handed a Kevlar vest, a helmet, a zorro mask, nightstick, and a rifle and was told to calm down racial tensions within New Haven. I began walking around and found a black family. The younger of them began throwing explosives at me but they all missed. I talked to the grandmother figure calmly and told her everything would be okay if we all handled it peacefully.

        I gained access to an underground passage which connected everyone’s basements. I tried finding my friend’s basement but went into some wrong houses before actually finding it. Once inside I surprised her parents since I looked like a SWAT member.

        The next part of the dream was with school. We met on the Green and then were loaded into small vans which had canvas for the side walls. I was scared that if a car hit us from the side we would be killed. I was the only white kid in the can and the other kids began tickling me until we reached the destination.

        We hopped out and then discovered that our history teacher was driving the van. The place we arrived at looked like an oddly shaped bocce court. We used the pallino but for the heavy balls we used big pieces of raw chicken. One of the pieces of chicken flew into the woods and it soon was covered with pointy snails. Then my mom called wondering why I wasn’t home. I teleported home and was again sneaking around, trying yo dematerialize myself through the screen window in my parent’s room.

        In the third part of the dream I was in Disney World and I was in a trivia contest with a bunch of people. The first question would give you an $80,000 trip to Disney at a later date. The question was: “What causes the large clouds around the U.S. theme park, Lake Compounce?” Since we were the only ones from Connecticut I was able to yell the answer out right after she read the multiple choice answers and the answer was “evaporation of the lake.” I was so excited that I won and I ran up and grabbed the voucher.

2:48 pm

7/10/10 Dream Entry

        I was at a zoo with my girlfriend but we were the only people there. Soon, I was right next to the animals and there was nothing separating us. There was a giant antelope and it looked like it wanted to charge at me. My girlfriend was off to the side and she told me to run but I told here that it would only provoke the antelope.

        I tried using my arms to make myself look bigger to scare the animal but it charged at me. I started to punch it and another antelope joined in. Soon there was also a lioness involved and it scratched my arm. The antelopes disappeared and the lioness turned into a leopard. Then my girlfriend and I were in a hanging sling that was ten feet above the leopard so it couldn’t get us.

November 19, 2010 11:36 am

4/25/10 Dream Entry

          I was at my high school and someone pulled the fire alarm so we had to go out into the parking lot. Then after a while, we went back in and a minute after we went in, someone pulled it again. This time when we went outside, it was raining and kids started to fight. There was a dogpile of kids fighting and then one kid began throwing bricks.
          I got so emotional and upset that I took my car, which was in the parking lot, and left. Instead of driving home, I was driving around some weird parts of the city. There were traffic cones in the street and I hit all of them. Then, there was a police car and I got pulled over. An officer got into my car and just had me drive her. She seemed to know all about what happened to me during the day and was very understanding. She told me I did the right thing by leaving school.
          The same day I went to my afternoon arts school and my teacher yelled at me for something. We had to sit in the arts hall and watch some stupid performances. Then, I was in my journal writing elective class and for some reason this kid who I know was there, even though he’s not really in that class. He began telling the class, upon request of the teacher, what he did over the break. He said that he wrote a song on the guitar while at his grandparent’s house. He then proceeded to play it for us. It was really amazing and he was very skilled; everyone loved it.
          Next, I was back in my room with the shades down. News of my friend’s guitar playing spread to the middle school kids across the street from me and they all became obsessed with him. However, for some reason, they thought my guitar playing friend was one of my other, closer friends. From inside my room, I heard a girl trying to get my friend’s attention but since she had the wrong person, he was very confused.
          In the next part of the dream, I was on my instant messaging program and got a message that said my ex-girlfriend wanted to share private financial information with me. Since it had her name on it and it looked as if it was a legit message from the messaging program, I clicked it but my whole computer became infected with a virus. When I moved the windows on the screen around, they rotated in a circle, flipping upside down. The whole system looked different so I figured I should back up files and then reformat my hard drive. I decided to run some programs to clean the virus but I never got to do it because the dream ended.